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Meet our best selling cookie. These highly addicting pastries are an Eastern European delicacy we call a walnut kolachi cookie. A delicious old-fashioned sweet cream butter and sour cream based cookie dough, filled with a sweet walnut filling - the same as our Original Nut Kolachi Roll. California walnuts are delivered straight from the farm and ground fresh into our mixing bowl. From start to finish, we make these cookies just like my great grandparents did, but in a much larger mixing bowl =) They're famously found alongside apricot kolachi cookies on Wedding Cookie Tables throughout northeast Ohio and PA, and devoured all holidays & gatherings.

There are many variations of recipes & spellings such as (koh-la-chee) kolacky, kolacki, kolachy, kolachky, polish kolaczki (koh-wahtch-kee), doughs made with sour cream or cream cheese. The Hungarian & Czech name kiffles (key-flee) spelled kifli, kifle, kieflie, kiefle, or keeflie. Kipfel is Austrian, kifla is Romanian and Serbian. Kifli refers to the crescent-shape of pastries and breads, the oldest surviving pastry shape believed to represent a pagan tradition involving offerings to the moon goddess Selene. Similar shaped pastries were baked in 10th century monasteries for Easter. The Austro-Hungarian Empire baked a crescent cookie and yeast dough pastry, and now we have croissants, nut horns, and a variety of cookies that kept the name but perhaps not the shape.

PLEASE NOTE: We take the utmost care in packaging, yet these delicate cookies can still can crack, break or crumble in transit. They travel best in cool or mild weather. This does not affect the quality, they are always guaranteed to arrive fresh.

What You Get: Handmade cookies vary in size & weight, approximately 3" long, 14-18 cookies per roughly 10 oz box. INGREDIENTS: WALNUTS, UNTREATED WHEAT FLOUR, BUTTER, SUGAR, WATER, EGGS, SOUR CREAM (CULTURED CREAM, ENZYMES), SEA SALT.

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Nut Kolachi Cookies aka Kolacky, Kolaczki, Kiffles

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