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Kolachi (our old-world term) is a highly addicting Eastern European delicacy, a butter dough pastry filled with a variety of sweet & creamy fillings, enjoyed for holiday entertaining, breakfast, snacks, or an evening treat. This is the original #1 selling 150+ year old family recipe passed down 5+ generations, found only in a select few heads and vault in a secret location. Not familiar? Read the reviews and discover what you're missing.

Taste The Difference: The truly highest quality pastry you can find. From start to finish we take the extra time and care to bake kolachi the old-fashioned way with the freshest, highest quality ingredients we can find. Our sweet cream butter, eggs, milk, and walnuts come directly from the farm. Products just like Mom & Grandma baked - without all the time, cost, and frustrations of baking - only the sweet memories.

Fresh Dough: We mix many batches of fresh dough, daily, with ingredients you can pronounce - flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, sea salt, yeast. No cheap ingredients used as fillers. Pure cane sugar, no cheap beet sugar. No "just add water" mixes. No cheap blends that call themselves butter. Great baked goods start with the best ingredients and there is no substitute for the flavor of real sweet cream butter!

Our Filling: We like more filling than dough and that's exactly how we make them. No grocery store want-a-be rolls that are all bread. The freshest California grown English walnuts arrive direct from a family farm, are ground fresh into our mixing bowl to make a rich & creamy walnut fillings that makes each bite soft, moist and bursting with flavor.

What You Get: Net Weight 24 oz. 14" long, can slice into 18-28 servings. Individually wrapped in freezer ready gift box. Freeze up to 6 months. INGREDIENTS: WALNUTS, UNTREATED WHEAT FLOUR, SUGAR, WATER, BUTTER, EGGS, MILK, SEA SALT, YEAST.

Origins: Kolachi is the old-world generic term for many sweet yeast dough pastries and breads, originating from the word kolo meaning circle or wheel, in our case the dough flattened into the shape of a circle, filling spread, then rolled up. Kolachi (kawl-a-chi) is plural and kolach (kawl-atsh) is a single roll. Other spellings, all pronounced the same are kolache, kolachy, kolacs and kalacs. Many call them rolls, bread, cakes, strudel, etc. Hungarian beigli, biegli, bejgli, bejglik. Walnut or poppy seed is dios beigli or makos beigli, orechovnik or makovník, kutchen or mohnkutchen. Polish strucla orzechami walnut strudel, poppy seed is makowiec. Croatian, Serbian, Yugoslavian povitica, orehnjaca, orahnjaca, orehnaca, orevnitza, or poppy seed is makovnjaca. Slovenian slovenska potica, Italian gubana. German nussstrudel nut strudel. Some variations bake them in bread loaf pans, some flat in the shape of a wheel. Nut Roll is a popular Americanized term. Kolache is a popular Czech pastry, round, topped with sweet and savory fillings. No matter what you call them, we hope our rolls can fulfill your holiday baked good traditions, and bring back some sweet memories!

The Original Nut Kolachi Roll

Customer Reviews

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They were great! Always enjoy them from Butter Maid Bakery


Tasted terrible


Our go-to when we want to treat ourselves or others. Always fresh, full of dense, thick, delicious nutty filling.

The Nut Roll

This is my second order To Butter Maid Bakery and I know I will be ordering again. The nut roll was delivered in a very timely matter, it was fresh and had the flavor of nut rolls I grew up.with. if you haven't tried baked goods from Butter Maid Bakery I encourage you to place that first order you won't be disappointed. One more thing I would like thank Butter Maid Bakery for offering us as customers a chance to contribute to sending cookies to our Service Personnel near and far.

Just like Grandma used to make!

Bread was fresh with lots of filling, just like my grandmother used to make. I sent this to my brother, who is fighting cancer, and it made him full of memories from when he was a kid.

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