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Poppy seed kolachi is a wildly popular Eastern European delicacy, a treat most find irresistible, especially paired with a great cup of coffee. Poppy seeds are found whole sprinkled on breads, rolls and cookies, but to release their true flavor Mom and Grandma knew you must grind them. Our fresh ground poppy seed filling gives our rolls the perfect creamy balance of slightly nutty, pleasant bitter sweet fruitiness, that will bring back memories.

Traditionally, poppy seeds are a symbol of wealth and found in food on every table at Christmas & New Years, wishing for prosperity in the new year. Poppy seed kolachi makes holiday gift giving easy, and is traditionally served alongside walnut and apricot kolachi. Also available with raisins.

Maybe you've heard Mom or Grandma mention them by not only poppyseed bread, cake, and strudel, but also the old world name. All of the terms that start with an "M" mean poppy seed. We often hear Hungarian makos bejgli (plural bejglik), sometimes beigli, Polish makowiec, and Slovak makovnik. Others are Austrian mohnkuchen or mohnstriezel, Bosnian or Croatian makovnjaca. The Czech term is makovy zavin, German mohn strudel or mohnstrudel, Lithuanian aguonų vyniotinis, Russian bulochki s маком, Ukrainian makovyi knysh. No matter your ethnicity, we hope our rolls can fulfill your baked good traditions, and bring back some sweet memories!

Net Weight 24 oz. 14" long, can slice into 18-28 servings. Individually wrapped in freezer ready gift box. Freeze up to 6 months.
We don't believe in preservatives, but for your safety they're required in this filling. Our poppy butter is loaded with the highest quality fresh ground poppy seeds and no fillers, for the irresistible flavor we love.

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Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll

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