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What's better than the best selling, highly addictive flavor of the poppy seed kolachi rolls?... Adding a generous amount of plump & juicy raisins! Unlike poppy seeds sprinkled on bread, Mom & Grandma knew they must be ground to release their true flavor. This filling fits the bill with pleasant bitter sweet, slightly nutty, perfectly balanced taste that will make them proud.

Many of you have heard them called poppy seed rolls, bread, cakes, but maybe you've also heard Mom & Grandma call them by their old world name. All of the following terms that begin with an "M" mean poppy seed. Depending on the language, you may follow that with rolls, bread, cakes, or the old world terms kolachi, beigli, potica, povitica, strudel, etc... Austrian mohnkuchen or mohnstriezel, Bosnian or Croatian makovnjaca, Czech makovy zavin, German mohn strudel or mohnstrudel, Hungarian makos beigli, Lithuanian aguonų vyniotinis, Polish makowiec, Russian bulochki s маком, Slovak makovnik, Ukrainian makovyi knysh.

Net Weight 24 oz. 14" long, can slice into 18-28 servings. Individually wrapped in freezer ready gift box. Freeze up to 6 months.
We don't believe in preservatives, but for your safety they're required in this filling. Our poppy butter is loaded with the highest quality fresh ground poppy seeds and no fillers, for the irresistible flavor we love.

Poppy Seed & Raisin Filled Kolachi Roll

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Tasted terrible


The dough a little thin


Just like Mom’s.


Reminds me of what we made during the holidays growing up, delicious

So delicious!

These Kolachi rolls always arrive fresh and delicious! There is a ton of poppyseed and raisin filling so they are not dry at all. I usually order several at a time and freeze some. They taste just as fresh when thawed. These Kolachi rolls are even better then the homemade ones I grew up eating!

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