We Recommend Ordering Now:

Friends, it's here already. We enter fall with cooler weather and a fast approaching holiday season, filled with cherished friends & family time, and of course, great food. We're thrilled to help with your holiday baking and gift giving and are looking forward to celebrating with a great selection of traditional pastries, and exciting fall flavors.

If you're new to joining us, welcome! A customer secret is to order early and freeze. The holiday season is extremely busy. We can only make a limited quantity of products the old-fashioned way, so our full selection gets smaller, until January. You can certainly wait to order, there just won't be as much to choose from. You may notice a few top sellers already gone.

Add in supply chain issues, which we're all tired of hearing about, but when ingredients don't arrive we simply can't bake all the flavors. Carriers also continue to have volume related delays - even in the slow season - so we can expect it to get much, much worse during the upcoming shopping season.

The early birds always win. We highly recommend ordering now and freezing. Rest assured, you will get our best prices of the holiday season on all your favorite items, which will freeze excellent for up to 6 months, well beyond December. It's also the best time to send gifts, include a gift message note to freeze.

Thank you so much for your business, we truly appreciate it!

~ Gloria & Jim (mom & dad), Nick (uncle), Jeff (4th gen), and the rest of the Butter Maid Family